Often, many household feature insufficient, poorly positioned, and plain-old ugly looking light fixtures. Since your home is the central point in your life, you ought to do anything possible to make it habitable.

electric-repair-athens-gaHaving your home installed with unique, stunning and beautiful feature is key. Currently, the market offer variety of light features to choose from including different designs of hanging and ceiling mounted light fixtures. Fixing the light fixtures whether on walls or in ceiling, the task requires careful instructions regardless the light fixture type or the location to be mounted. 

How to install a light fixture.

Cut down electricity flow in the entire house at the central circuit breaker panel. Double check to ensure the power is off by locating & testing the light button that control the ceiling and wall fixture.
Carefully remove the previous fixture. To do this, remove the outside plate/bowel, the light bulb, & loosening/untying the mounting plate holding the fixture. Once the plate is loosed, gently cut the power connections to the previous fixture using wire cutters. Ensure you leave enough wiring for use in installing the new fixture.
Follow the instructions that come along with the new fixture, carefully connect the wiring by the fixture onto the wiring in the ceiling or wall. Make use of the wire crimps to ensure the ends of the wires are wrapped thoroughly. Mount the cap over the naked wires once connections are secure.
Thread the socket/power point of the new fixture over the mounting plates. Gently, screw the plate to firmly hold in position. Upon completion, you will have the new fixture secure & ready for testing.
Place a bulb/bulbs in the socket of the current fixture. Allow the power to flow and observe whether the bulb light up. If yes, proceed with the installation but if not, cut down the power supply and monitor the wiring for possible problems/errors.
Finally, attach any covering like bowel cover/dome. This might involve threading a cap by the end of the centrally threaded bolt that shall hold the covering in position. Sometimes, you might be required to position the edges of the covering in railing positioned about the mounting plate base & securing the covering using 3-4 screws provided in the light fixture kit.
Typically, installing light fixture in your home is a simple and easy process. However, if the task proves to be challenging or you are not sure how to safely do this, then hiring an expert is advised.

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