Licensed Electricians – An electric repair project needs to be diagnosed quickly and repaired properly in order to keep your home or business safe. Meehan Electrical Services has been handling repairs of all sizes since 1960. Our licensed electricians have the proven skills to troubleshoot and fix your electrical problem quickly.electric-repair-athens-ga

Years of experience and up to date training provide Meehan Electrical Services electricians with the skills necessary to handle any electric repair, including:

  • Bulb or Ballast Replacement
  • Replace Blown Fuses and Breaker Panels
  • Upgrade Wiring
  • Repairs to Meet Electrical Codes
  • Replace Faulty Wiring
  • Repair Defective Fixtures
  • Replace or Repair Flickering Light Bulbs
  • Replace Broken Outlets or Overheating Outlets
  • Replace Broken or Damaged WiringIMG_2756

Prompt Service – Many electric repairs need to be done NOW and can be a very real danger if left unattended. Meehan Electrical Services offers prompt service across Athens and surrounding areas, with short lead times and excellent customer communication. Every job is important to Meehan Electrical Services, no matter how large or small. And repairs are always handled professionally and promptly. We know that your life or family member may depend on it and we will be there as quick as possible.

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Reasonable Prices – The trained technicians at Meehan Electrical Services offer excellent service in a timely manner, and all for an affordable price. FIMG_2753orget about tackling an electric repair on your own; trust the professionals, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the final project price. Reliable electrical services are well worth the investment and Meehan Electrical Services offers reasonable, competitive rates for specialized services.

An electric repair needs the attention of a licensed technician, and the problem needs to be looked at fast. Meehan Electrical Services is ready to handle your electrical issues and offers reasonable rates for their reliable services. Call us today and book an appointment to have Meehan Electrical Services repair the electrical problems in your home or business. We are here for you. Call Today!