Ceiling Fan Installation, Replacement & Repair


Three Reasons to Call Meehan Electrical Services For Ceiling Fan Installation, Replacement, or Repair

Licensed Electricians – Mounting a ceiling fan can challenging without the proper knowledge, tools, or help. Some of the limitations that can hinder do-it-yourself installation can include the fan’s weight, height, improper, faulty, or non-existent wiring, and the often awkward and hard-to-reach areas.

Meehan Electrical Services has extensive experience with fan installation, wiring, and repair. We are fully equipped for every phase of ceiling fan installation, Meehan Electric Services staffs have the tools as well as the abilities to manage the job from beginning to end.ceiling-fan-installation

This job consists of:

  • Sizing the Junction Box
  • Wiring the Ceiling Fan
  • Securing the Fan to Beam
  • Installing Lighting and Fan Controls
  • Installing Light Bulbs
  • Testing the Fixture

Budget-friendly Rates– Meehan Electric Services will help you save cash too, giving expert solutions at competitive costs. Meehan Electrical Services provides all the electrical wiring as well as controls essential for ceiling fan installment, and also will certainly relocate an existing ceiling fan or install your new one swiftly as well as for a fair cost. Avoid doing this project yourself and save money by calling Meehan Electric Services.

Strong Warranty– With Meehan Electric Services on duty you can be sure that your ceiling fan has been safely placed. Meehan Electrical Services even backs up all ceiling fan installations with a solid customer care warranty. In the business since 1960, Meehan Electric Services could provide an extensive list of pleased customers for recommendations.

Trust in the professional work and solid warranty offered by Meehan Electrical Services, experts in ceiling fan installation for an affordable price. Improve your living space by calling Meehan Electrical Services today for a free quote.

We are here for ALL your electrical needs.